Top 20 jobs with high demand and little competition

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The labour market is always changing, but certain occupations are gradually returning to pre-recession levels. Consider new technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation. The number of employees required for such occupations decreases, implying that various roles are in more demand and there is less competition. Here’s the list to assist you in finding your speciality if you are searching for a new career in these sectors.

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Online Content Expert

Information creation professions are becoming increasingly important as the need for high-quality content grows. Workers with a strong grasp of the English language and the ability to create compelling truth material will undoubtedly benefit in the coming years.

Information Technology Architects

IT Architects typically design appropriate procedures, data structures, and platforms to support those processes in order to solve IT infrastructure challenges within organisations. These individuals should be able to easily communicate their expertise to others.

Technology Professional

IT professionals are in high demand; as technology advances, there is a larger need for individuals who can maintain and create those systems. They are also in significant demand in the aerospace, power generating, oil and gas, and healthcare industries (especially in the acquisition of new technologies).


Copywriters excel at turning ideas into words that pique the interest of a reader or viewer. They are essential in the development of websites, brochures, advertising, and other marketing materials.

UI/UX Designer

These Designers develop the aesthetic look of programmes or websites to make them user-friendly. They should be able to take a notion and turn it into something useful and true for the benefit of others.

SEO Professionals

If you’re a marketer, you’ll need SEO professionals on your team to assist spread the word about your brand and products. Using keywords and phrases that are specific to the desires and needs of customers may successfully generate traffic to a website or company.

Creative Direction Professionals

Certain sectors need creative vision with the assistance of UX. These individuals can take any facts and turn it into something distinctive that captures the attention of others.

Copy Writer

If you’re an author, you’ll need someone to tell them to publish your work so that millions of people may read it. Good copywriters make their clients appear professional and appealing while also boosting their branding.

QuickBooks / Xero Expert

When organisations from all over the world are looking to acquire assets, they rely on QuickBooks or Xero Consultants to offer a complete picture of what may be included in the transaction. These professionals are QuickBooks or Xero gurus who can transform the data they observe into something you can utilise for assessment.

Marketing Professional

Marketing professionals must have a strong knowledge of both strategy and creativity in order to create efficient marketing campaigns while also increasing a company’s revenues. They are employed to make others seem good by writing well. Their objective is to outperform their competition in terms of profit margin.

Product Manager

Product Managers are likely to be among the finest in the business when it comes to managing teams to meet deadlines and contribute to the increase of the company’s sales. A Product Manager should always have a thorough grasp of the product that they are developing. They should be able to do what they do best in order to outperform their competition in terms of profit.

Digital Marketing Professional

In the realm of social media marketing, digital marketing experts are important. They can help businesses by informing them how to improve their brand and stay ahead of the competition. Their role is to spread the word about your company and promote sales.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are extremely creative and accomplished in their industry, designing anything from photographs, brochure layouts, and logos to websites and advertising material used for branding. They are valuable in today’s technological environment, when we must be aesthetically appealing in order to capture the attention of customers of all ages.

Branding Expert

A branding specialist is someone who can take a product, service, or enterprise and make it stand out from the crowd. They are extremely creative in their own right, resulting in a successful brand for their clients. These individuals may collaborate with others to develop and implement innovative marketing tactics.

Customer Service Rep

Customer Service Representatives keep clients happy and pleased, which leads to increased revenue. These individuals should have a thorough grasp of the product they are promoting. They can collaborate with others to enhance earnings and reduce expenditures.

Website Designers

Web designers are in great demand nowadays, as technology advances at an exponential rate. Workers with strong development abilities can design websites and programmes that run well and quickly. The demand for these experts is increasing, particularly as the globe grows more technologically advanced.

Virtual or Remote Assistants

Companies are searching for methods to outsource their administrative operations and save money as technology advances and evolves. A Virtual Assistant is someone who can help you with these responsibilities. They excel at multitasking and may begin working from home, saving money on office amenities, supplies, and equipment.

Document Control Experts

Certain businesses require specialised personnel who understand document management and filing. This job may be done by a Document Control Specialist, who collaborates with all departments to improve the work environment and morale.


Screenwriters are extremely creative and brilliant individuals, particularly in the entertainment sector. They may help bring a whole film, television programme, or video game to life. When it comes to establishing a new project, they can use their imagination to outperform the competitors.


There are several types of artists when it comes to art. These people are imaginative, talented, and have a keen sense of colour, shape, and form. A single original work of art by an artist may keep people talking for years to come. They excel at multitasking and can complete more work in less time than other people.


Now that you have learned everything there is to know about these professions or skills. Be assured that they play a vital role in any organisation since they are in charge of getting the work done and making sure that both their staff and their employers are satisfied with their services.