Senior Cloud Engineer

Job Location: Brisbane
Employer: Affix Group
Full time

Seriously, there’s almost too much to unpack with this one so here’s a quick TL;DR:

“If you’re looking for an opportunity to work with one of Queensland’s biggest success stories, build a product that truly makes the world a better place and work alongside a team that is exceptionally a cut above the rest – this is simply it.”

But if you came for the mains and not for the starter, let me tell you as much as I can in this job ad before the word limit restricts me.

Who they are

They are a SaaS Edutech Queensland-born tech company, that, as of mid-this year, reached the unicorn title by being valued over $1B+ with some of their primary investors including the biggest venture capital firms in the world.

Their platform is an online curated E-Learning product used by individual users looking to upskill from a range of professions to *little known* companies like TikTok to Westpac. Their learning management system helps over 3.5M active users upskill, re-educate and become compliant across a range of industries and professions and this number is 100K additional users per month. Their mission – make the world a smarter place.

The engineering team and technical strategy is being led by a prolific member in the Brisbane tech scene – so much so in fact, that before this they were one of the reasons that led Amazon to establish an engineering office in Brisbane around this individual who led the design and charge on Amazon’s Zero Wait click-and-collect system that is being used both globally and by other companies.

I’m already running out of characters for this job ad. Dammit.

What the challenge and the gig looks like

Simply put, scale. That’s on every engineering member’s minds. Their hyperbolic growth of users, expansion and enterprise acquisitions from US, UK to Europe has led to, frankly, mind-melting users. The challenges will involve making sure something you built is highly scalable and unbreakable to the 100K users trying to use what you’ve created in any given moment.

Their user base has more than doubled year-on-year for the last few years and as a result the tech is hitting a breaking point and needs to be scaled up rigorously. This is a truly best-practice engineering environment where your work will primarily involve scaling their cloud microservices infrastructure with Azure and using Node.

The ideal person we’re looking for

  • 3+ years cloud experience – ideally Azure but open to AWS or GCP backgrounds
  • Strong programming experience – ideally Node/TypeScript however open to any OOP backgrounds
  • Solid experience building and setting up CI/CD pipelines, IaC and general best-practice in Security

What you’ll get in return

  • Yearly company bonus incentive of 15% of your annual salary
  • HIGHLY flexible work from home arrangements. You tell us what works best for YOU with offices in every primary city in Australia
  • Additional 10 weeks paid parental leave on top of Government incentives
  • Wellness programs and free lunch Fridays!

There’s more to this. So much more. But we’ll have to save that part for when you call or email me to get more info and put forward your application. Here’s what you’ll need to get started on that.

0407 903 686
[email protected]

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