Mortgage Broker / Loan Writer – flexible pay structure + quality leads

Job Location: Gold Coast
Employer: Liberty Network Services
$120,000 or more with flexible base + commission

  • Are you an experienced Broker seeking steady income without the stress of managing a business?
  • Do you enjoy working from home with flexible hours / holidays?
  • $120,000 or more with base / commission structure according to your preference!


I am a solo finance broker looking to bring on another broker to assist with loan-writing so I can take a step back and focus on developing business partnerships currently in the pipeline.

You will be supported by experienced loan processors and a “para-broker” who packages/manages deals and can assist with scenarios/product proposals, with all staff already trained in existing workflows/systems.

I will provide you with consistent high-quality leads – the large majority are existing clients and personal or business referrals, plus leads generated by marketing to niche segments (rather than generic “shoppers”).


I would appreciate if prospective candidates take the time to read following role description, and apply only if it resonates with you. I am sorry but I will not bother responding to unqualified candidates, so please do not waste your time applying if you can’t hit the ground running i.e. I am looking for someone who ticks the boxes, not someone with great personality traits that I did not ask for!


 About You

  • You have extensive experience as a mortgage broker
  • You possess a high level of technical proficiency in credit policies and loan structures
  • You employ a methodical approach to finding optimal solutions and derive satisfaction from the process
  • You are a driven team player who works well remotely and within existing workflows
  • You are great at prioritising tasks and managing workload to ensure deadlines are met, taking the initiative to push deals along when needed
  • You pay great attention to detail in ensuring loans get approved, at the same time you don’t allow yourself to be caught up in non-critical details
  • You pride yourself on being efficient, and are proactive in suggesting improvements to systems/processes for smoother operations
  • You can communicate in a clear, concise and professional manner
  • You are able to seek answers independently yet unafraid to ask for help when needed
  • You have a thirst for learning and expanding/updating your skillset/knowledge
  • You have a strong desire to deliver above expectations


What’s in it for You

  • High level of admin support so you can focus on writing the loans
  • Predictable income with customised structure per your preference and expectations
  • Crystal-clear KPIs based on remuneration level/structure
  • All the flexibility and cost-savings of working from home
  • Peace of mind with your deals managed by support staff and experienced brokers (myself or others in future) so you can even take extended time off during holiday season (which I don’t, to be honest)
  • You will be supplied with all tools necessary to maximise your effectiveness, along with coaching where required
  • I will always be open and ensure you feel valued as this has a direct impact on my own success
  • Although I believe in taking ownership of one’s work, the buck stops with me and you can be assured I value you having a go and learning from mistakes
  • Job stability – I am a proven high performer and have concrete plans to grow my business for many years ahead
  • Expand your expertise and diversify your income with asset finance and unsecured/business lending, a large part of my business is in this space and I can coach you in it


I believe finding the best fit in terms of technical skills / personality / values is absolutely critical, and the right person will receive my fullest appreciation and support in return.

If you think this is you, please email your resume in PDF format to [email protected] and I look forward to meeting you!

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