Interior Designer

November 28, 2021

Job Location: ACT
Employer: Adam Hobill Design
Full time

15 question quiz for interior designers.

  1. Do you love residential design and interiors?
  2. Do you have a qualification in interior design?
  3. Do you get a kick out of rising above what is easy and ordinary to achieve amazing results?
  4. Are you a good communicator? With real people; in the same room, face to face and over the phone?
  5. Have you got a couple of documented residential projects under your belt?
  6. Do you like brussel sprouts?
  7. Are you handy with Revit?  If not, are you a quick learner and keen to lean into the brave new world of BIM?
  8. What about baked brussel sprouts with crispy maple bacon!…?
  9. Have you experienced a bustling residential building site in all its grubby, muddy glory?
  10. Do you enjoy a team environment; and are you comfortable in a small office team?
  11. Are you willing to bend and stretch to prioritise client satisfaction?
  12. Do you like coffee?  Do you like free coffee?  Do you like really good locally roasted free coffee?
  13. Do you like to pay for parking, or do you prefer when its free?
  14. Do you like the idea of a flexible working arrangement where you get paid full time for a 9-day fortnight so that you can go to the coast for a long weekend instead?
  15. Do you live in Australia? That’s important, because that’s where our office is.

If you answered mostly ‘yes’ to the above, we’re hiring, and we’d love to hear from you.

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